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When Innovation becomes practice the Investment brings Return and Progress. One of the major challenges companies face relies on their capacity to take the way from Research to Development keeping cost down while assuring Short Time to Market.

Progressive shorter life cycles and ongoing evolution of Knowledge demand an optimum management from companies when dealing with partners as well as employees.   

Proper Organizational Strategies make possible the continuous positive impact on the market that Board and Stakeholders expect from the Company to keep the Value On.

Engineers play a fundamental role in this Goal. Professionals with the fine degree of specialization to rule projects demanding high technical expertise while enjoying their capability to understand the complexity of Entire Business and their Objectives and Priorities.

A panel of 18 engineers, technologists and futurists included Google co-founder Larry Page nd genomics pioneer J.Craig Venter spent more than a year pondering how best to improve life on Earth and came up with 14 Grand Engineering Global Challenges:

  • Make Solar Energy affordable.
  • Provide Energy from Fusion
  • Develop Carbon sequestretion methods.
  • Manage the Nitrogen Cycle.
  • Provide Access to Clean Water.
  • Restore and improve Urban Infrastructure.
  • Advance Health Informatics.
  • Engineer better Medicines.
  • Reverse-engineer the Brain.
  • Prevent Nuclear Terror.
  • Secure Cyberspace.
  • Enhance Virtual Reality.
  • Advance Personalized Learning.
  • Engineer the tools for Scientific Discovery.

Certainly today we may add some more else.

In Talent Suite we learn how to improve engineering work in companies by providing the accurate profiles under the business model which best fits with the convenient Structure or Project. Either, Oil & Gas, Solar, Scientific Innovation, Aeronautic, Automotive, Telecommunications, Pharma, Singular Construction and course, IT Systems and Software." class="art-rss-tag-icon" title="RSS">